#Free tiny #poem about #coffee #amwriting

#Free tiny #poem about #coffee #amwriting

I can’t seem to reliably post about myself, so I’ll be posting some creative work here. Remember to check out my site’s other pages for the heavier, published stuff!


Burn me,

O tender black brimming at the rim,

Liquid darkness that enters as energy,

Leaving my fingertips as ink.

I am too tired to let you cool.

New story out in Dead of Winter from @MightyQuillBks #Horror

Hey everyone! My story, “These Claws Dig Shallow Graves,” was picked up for the now-available Dead of Winter anthology, from Mighty Quill Books. Infinite love for those of you who pick up a copy, and double-infinite for anyone who leaves a review to talk us up! Click the pic to see its Amazon page.