‘Joke’ #AtoZChallenge

A recent short from one of my favorite indie writers, Nina D’Arcangela. I do so love her ironic twists. Be sure to check out her site!

Sotet Angyal

Hey :] I hope your hip is doing better, not hurting as

much as earlier. I worked until 10 tonight, grabbed

a quick bite and now I’m in bed reading. How’s your

night going? It’s the usual here – the house is dead

silent now. The doorbell was acting up earlier, so I

yelled at it to stop. It’s hasn’t chimed since. :] The

door to the green room kept shutting too, the cats

were growling at it, but they seem to have settled

down, so has the door… it always stops when the

front door –the one that doesn’t lock anymore –

when I hear it unlock, the knob turn, the door gently

shut, and the lock reengage. I know you don’t believe

me, but none of the other doors open with a skeleton

key, the sound is distinct. Anyway, the smell of smoke is

dissipating… the cigarette smoke…

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