Domestic Violence Charity Call @andrewscorah

Hello Travelers,

Writing, for me, is about passion. Making money is nice but unnecessary; I’ll write on whether I receive one dollar or one million the next time I see a paycheck–if I see one at all. Writing is what I do. It’s my career. It’s me.

One thing that I really love to do, though, is send my work to charity anthologies. I haven’t seen many out there, but of the two dozen + stories I’ve had accepted for publication in recent months, two will be appearing in such anthologies.

I write to you to ask for help with Shadows and Light, a charity raising money for domestic violence, featuring yours truly. Sent out by Andrew Scorah, this call isn’t looking for stories about domestic violence itself; all we need are a few more kind souls willing to donate their stories for this cause.

This isn’t about us, the writers, or our stories. This is about using the written word to aid with and maybe one day overcome a crippling and unforgivable act.

If you’d like to send a story to Mr. Scorah, or would just like to help spread the word so the anthology reaches more people upon release, any and all of your efforts would be greatly appreciated. You can find the anthology and contact information for the editor on Facebook, or see below for details.

We must do what we can in the world to stop the spread of darkness, even if all we can do is reflect others’ light. I hope some of you can join me on this journey.

Best wishes,



Doors are still open to submit a story to the Women’s Aid charity book, Shadows and Light. Women’s Aid is the key national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. They support a network of over 300 dedicated specialist domestic violence services across the UK. If your fighting other abusers you’ve gone beyond survival- you’ve transcended abuse and become a warrior! Come be a warrior, donate a story.
I do not want anymore stories featuring domestic abuse, I am now looking for genre stories, what ever genre you work in then give me something riveting, entertaining, and leave me and the readers wanting more. If you are interested please send submissions to Submissions open until 25th July
While you will not be paid for the story, you will be helping a most worthy cause, and will get more coverage for your name, free advertising is always good. 1000-6000 words.Attach it as a word file, and neatly formatted 12 point roman text, line spacing exactly 12 point, justified, with correct indents at first line 0.3.
Here’s the present line up for SHADOWS & LIGHT
1Andrew Vachss
2 Graham Masterton
3 Seumas Gallacher
4 David Edgerley Gates
5 Keith Dixon
6 Andrew Peters
7 Kelly Matthews as K.A Hambly Author
8 Samuel Dickens
9 Frank Sonderborg
10 Caitlin O’Connor
11 Thomas Pluck
12 Gerry McCullough
13 Aidan Thorn
14 William Rose
15 Tina Bausinger
16 Gay Ingram
17 Kerry Elizabeth Blickenderfer Black
18 Marie Bishop
19 Linda Bonney Olin
20 Andrew Scorah
21 Kevin Holton
22 Paul D Brazill
23 Cath Bore
24 Dana Wright.



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