A Writer’s Affirmation

Hello, Friends,

We all get stuck from time to time. I’m a comparatively new writer, but I’ve been around long enough to pick up some powerful tools along the way, and one of my favorites is a simple few sentences to overcome writer’s block.

This affirmation works no matter what you want to work on. Be it fiction, poetry, an essay, or even an email that you can’t find the right wording for, this will help unstick your mental gears. It even works for students struggling to do essays for class.

The trick to an affirmation is to set a quiet moment for yourself to say it. Once you’re ready to start writing, calm your mind and focus solely on the following words, which you can repeat mentally or aloud:

My ideas are creative and worthwhile. I can visualize them becoming words, which I write easily and with confidence. I do not have to wait for inspiration; I am my own muse.

That last line is really the important idea to take away. Many people postpone writing because they feel they aren’t “inspired.” Yes, inspiration is a wonderful thing, but the key to good writing is to do it consistently and treat it like a profession. Once you know what you want to write about, actual writing is only a matter of sitting down and putting your fingers to the keys.

I treat my writing like my actual job. When it’s time to write, I write, without excuses or distractions. Do I take days off? Of course. But I haven’t published a couple dozen stories and poems because inspiration waltzed through the door and said, “Here you go.”

When I can’t write, or when I’m procrastinating, I sit with the above affirmation for a few minutes, repeat it a few times, and remind myself that whatever words I put down don’t have to be a final draft. That really takes the pressure off, and soon I have new plot lines and character traits appearing, almost by magic. I hope these words are helpful to you as well.



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