New (x7) Site Title

Hi again,

Some of you may be confused by how many times I’ve changed my site’s name. Fact is, I’ve never really been able to settle on one that could make sense for me, but also fit well in my Twitter handle.

Until now.

See, I tried “Kevin Holton’s Blog,” but that’s boring, and if you don’t know who I am, it’s irrelevant.

“Diabetic Rhetoric” didn’t fit on twitter, and let’s face it, that sounds awful. Who, beyond a college professor, likes rhetoric? Who even knows what it is? I’m a graduate English major and I can’t really freakin’ tell you either.

“Type One Talk” made sense, because I’m a Type One Diabetic, but it’s not really the focus here.

Then it hit me. What’s great? Free things. I love free things. Who doesn’t? I also like pie, in the sense that I like experimenting with new flavors/foods, and I prefer pumpkin pie in lieu of cake for my birthday because I was born in October. Anything Autumn related makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

And, I don’t lie. Much. Not counting fiction. When I lie, it’s mostly to pull pranks, like, “I can’t believe you missed class–the professor brought in her puppy!” *Obscenely long pause* “Just kidding.”

So here we are. “Free Pie, No Lie.” It’s official. It’s legit. Too legit to quit. And it’s here to stay.

Talk to ya soon!



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