I know you’re getting sick of me…

…but I changed the name again. That last one was, well, dumb. Fun, but dumb.

Long story short, I found a name that clearly describes my writing better, and I don’t like pie enough to post recipes every day.

Everything, they say, is about branding, and I suppose I’m still trying to find the right angle to perfect my public identity. After all, how should I define myself? What are the aspects of Kevin that matter most to you?

Let’s play a game. No worries, no one’s losing their heads here–three truths and a lie. You get to guess. First person to guess right gets a prize (TBD, based on speed, accuracy, and respondents)(family, you don’t count!).

  1. I used to be a Zumba instructor
  2. I’ve volunteered at three separate food pantries
  3. I’ve had two dogs, not at the same time, both named Bark (like ‘Bart’ but a dog)
  4. I’m a Reiki master

I’ll be posting more content soon (and I have big news coming, too). Until then, guess away!


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