Batman Vs. Superman: Marvel Can Relax…

I tried to see Batman vs Superman today–I really did. Predictably, it was sold out in nearly every viewing, and since I was trying to see it with a friend, I didn’t want to get two separate seats.

I’ve heard a lot about the issues with this movie, and though John Taff sums it up nicely (see below), I think the biggest problem with DC movies, aside from the fetishistic obsession with dark, gritty atmospheres, is a very basic one:

DC seems convinces comics were popular because of what the characters do, but really, we care about who they are. It’s great when Batman fights the Joker in The Dark Knight, but what did it mean for him? …Not a whole lot. Batman went on treating him like any other villain, when in the comics/games, each fight has a major psychological impact.

Take The Amazing Spiderman, in contrast. Peter Parker has to fight The Lizard, a mutant version of a former hero. He pleads with him throughout the fight(s), even at risk of injury, trying to reason with the man. Finally defeating him means taking a major step toward adulthood–and understanding that being a hero means sometimes having to treat every villain, even the people you love, the same.

Even Ant-Man did a great job with this, which was pretty great for such a comedic hero movie. (Spoilers!) When Ant-Man fights The Falcon, and Falcon loses, we get the treat of him saying, “It’s really important to me that Cap (Captain America) never finds out about this.”

Sure, it’s a joke, but it’s also the truth: his reputation, and future in the Avengers, could’ve been on the line if the others found out he was beaten by someone only an inch tall. It’s an honest look into his motivations, and the consequences of even a seemingly mundane fight.

And, honestly, I loved that fight far more than the entire Superman vs. Zod fight at the end of Snyder’s first Superman film. Maybe ole’ Supes was upset about killing the last other Kryptonian, but he sure didn’t seem too bent out of shape about leveling Metropolis.

Don’t get me wrong: I love both studios, and will still see BVS, but if it’s at all like the others suggest, I won’t be surprised. I’m too used to DC to think their movies will show consequences anymore.


It’s been billed as the Clash of the Titans, DC’s answer to the almost relentless onslaught of Marvel domination, the prelude to the Justice League, the set up for the entire DC cinemat…

Source: Batman Vs. Superman: Marvel Can Relax…

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