#Kickstarter! #Free #poem! Come get more stuff!

I’ve got a Kickstarter going trying to help fund a book of poems I’d like to write on the art and culture of Prague. I’m especially interested in how the decline of religion in the area since World War 2 affected people on the interpersonal level, given how prominent Christianity had been in days prior.

If you’re like, “I don’t know, maybe I’d support him, but is he any good?” then here’s a poem to try to help change your mind: “Snow Blind,” originally published with TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics.


Clarissa dances among drifts.
Form illuminated by sun-stained
snowfall, blinding blankets
Recording footsteps through light.

Shadows anchored to weary feet
Attempt to teach that darkness is
More natural than blindness.

Beyond comforting walls,
Strangers stare at side-winding scar,
Tracing its hungry path from eye
Along jaw to mouth that cannot smile.

Eyes shut, hand placed as visor,
She hides inside so snow can’t remind:
I walk only when light falls.

Plus, high contributors get Reiki treatments, dedicated poems, signed copies upon publication, and more! A serious bargain going on over here, so would you kindly be the truest definition of a wonderful, beautiful person and give it a look? Maybe a share too if you’re Batman levels of awesome.



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