Flood Magazine: Stop saying you want to go to Cuba before it’s ruined

This is a really thought-provoking article. The way people are reacting to Cuba reminds me of the stories about people dragging marine life out of the ocean or crowding baby turtles for selfies, ultimately killing the animal.

I’ve always lived by a series of rules, and here’s one of them: Life is about sharing. Problem is, we seem to be more focused on sharing pictures than experiences. Don’t put the present on hold to worry about future likes and retweets.

If you go to Cuba–or anywhere, really–share their stories, not your own. Talk about how the people suffer. How the buildings are crumbling. Share their successes and their fears. Show your humanitarian side and embrace the fullness of their culture(s).

Funnily enough, people will like you (like, actually, genuinely like you, not your updates) more for that.




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