5 Reasons Why #DMC 2 Needs to Happen–and be Open World @capcom_unity @ninjatheory

It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it? The DMC: Devil May Cry reaction, I mean. Some people loved the game. Some hated it. Some made disparaging comments about Dante’s new look and behaviors, comparing him to the original, claiming he was an “angsty teen who got pissed that they raised the price of Camel Lights.”

I said the above quote, and I long since came around on the self-destructive nephilim. I’ve even forged my way through Dante Must Die mode (and all the DLC modes). Let’s take a look at why DMC 2 would be a sick open world experience.

1: Secret Missions EVERYWHERE

Secret missions have long been  a staple of the Devil May Cry universe. Sure, they were easy to find in DMC, and damn near impossible to find in the four original games, but what better a way to celebrate a game’s expansion than by utilizing the pull/grab/boost/enemy step movement system to make us really work for it? Put a door somewhere that’s easy to see, but so hard to get to that players say, “I’ll beat the game first. Maybe I’ll find new traversal skills, then come back.”

Add in the chaos of limbo-meets-the-human-world and you’ve got one hell of a landscape to explore.

2: Demons Fighting Literally Everything

If Sparda was any indication, the demons aren’t always in agreement. With Mundus gone and some punk-ass halfling nephilim leading the pack, it seems likely some demons will want to fight Virgil. Some will continue Mundus’s mission and fight Dante. Some will invariably attack humans. Some may attack each other.

In short, this was a recipe for chaos that could invite TONS of side missions and plot points, especially since Dante declared himself mankind’s protector against Virgil and the demons.

3: Human Rebellion

If Dante really wants to be mankind’s protector, he’ll have to work with the humans at some point, a la Lady from Dante’s Awakening. Given his propensity for angry lonership, only mildly dampened by Kat’s influence, it would be interesting to see how he handles a situation where people want to be around him.

In DMC, his only associations were for one night stands and with The Order–and even then, he only spoke to his twin brother and Kat. How will the Son of Sparda deal with this mounting sense of responsibility, and would working for/with/against mankind alter the ending?

4: Who is Kat?

It’s made clear in-game that Dante and Virgil only can defeat the demons because they’re nephilim. This rare and elevated status grants them the power to slay the supernatural.

…So how did Kat kill her foster father?

She mentions that he was a demon who used to abuse her, and that she killed him. Is it possible that she’s a nephilim too, or at least a being of otherwordly power, rather than just a spellcaster? Granted, she says she did it “with Virgil’s help,” and we don’t know how much he helped (give her advice? cut off his head?), AND she may have only killed his human form, but there is far more to her story.

Plus, the concept art shows her as a violinist, and I kinda want to see Dante complain about her musical taste.

5: Dante’s Destiny

The art, story, and general set-up of the main campaign and DLC make it clear that Virgil is going to lead the demons, but they also show Dante leading the angels. No Devil May Cry game (to my knowledge) has featured angels. The closest they’ve come is vicariously, through Bayonetta.

There’s so much room to expand here that I don’t know where to begin. What would they look like? Could you summon them into battle, or would they just appear when the plot demands it? Would they disapprove of you using Devil Trigger? Will Dante get an Angel Trigger? Are they all goody-two-shoes, or are some sultry, booze-swilling sinners, like the strippers Dante (probably) keeps on retainer?

The fact is, Capcom believes DMC: Devil May Cry didn’t sell well enough and wasn’t popular enough to merit a sequel. Who knows–maybe that’s true. I’m no expert, and I haven’t seen any sales figures. all I know is that if it DOES happen, and I maintain it SHOULD happen, then these are some of the points we should get to explore.

Fight the low sales with a whole new direction! Break the linear mold and show us what happens when a half-demon half-angel hybrid gets to romp his way across the twisted remnants of two smashed-together worlds! Give me more of Kat’s backstory! Use the open world form to fully explore these characters and show them as the complex, dynamic figures we know they can be, and I bet DMC 2: Demonic Boogaloo will fly off the shelves.

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