Free Flash Fiction, or Horrifying Horoscope? #writing #bizarro

As a horror writer who has a teasing, tangential relationship to the zodiac signs, I can’t help but be titillated (one of my favorite words, FYI) by any horoscope parody/perversion.

Today, I stumbled across “Flash Fiction Friday: Transmundane Prognostications Discerned From Astrological Phenomena” by Tom Lucas, Metaphysical Dilettante. What that title means is for you to decide.

My sign? “The Abyssal One” (or, The Unknown One), a being doling out ‘justice’ (punishment) to all manner of humans. Not that I’m the violent sort. In fact, I’m a bit of a pacifist.

Although, I do have a pretty strict moral guideline, on certain issues… Maybe Lucas is on to something. Just a little.

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