#Injustice2 Theories: Lazarus Pit, R’as, Red Hood, and magic @noobde @InjusticeGame

Hi everyone,

So I’m BEYOND psyched for Injustice 2. The first game made great use of story mode, and I had a great time smashing my buddy’s face in as Sinestro.

After obsessively watching the sequel’s announce trailer, and shootin’ the shit with some dudes at GameStop, I have some theories about what the trailer was hinting at for the main game:

Enter the Pit

The narrator says very clearly, “Every time I enter the pit, I emerge reborn.” Sound familiar? This seems to point pretty clearly to The Lazarus Pit, which is known for healing wounds and even resurrecting the dead–except it steals away a piece of the user’s soul/sanity in the process, making the restored “more ferocious” (to use the narrator’s words). In Arrow, we even see one notable character brought back from the dead with no soul at all, causing her to be a bloodthirsty maniac until Constantine shows up to save her.

If you’re looking for further proof, consider that we see both The Flash and Batman die in the trailer, killed by Batman and Aquaman respectively, and you’ll see why we need a little divine intervention.

R’as al Ghul Joins the Fray

The Batman mythos has made one thing very clear: R’as al Ghul doesn’t like it when people use The Pit without his permission. The trailer also says, “Put the devil on the other side, and I will show up evolved, adapted, and prepared to fight.” R’as, aka “Head of the Demon,” is often referred to as a devil for his monstrous violence and near-immortality, from frequent Pit stops. The plot of Injustice 2 seems to say the main crew has really ticked off the League of Assassins.

Red Hood Steps Up

Or maybe not him specifically, but right after Aquaman pulls his trident out of Batman’s freshly impaled chest, he gets hit with a red batarang–the signature color of Jason Todd’s vigilante persona. Todd, for those of you who don’t know, was brought back from the dead and later had his health and memory restored in The Lazarus Pit by Talia al Ghul, R’as’s daughter.

The thing is, that batarang hits him while Aquaman is still looking down at Batman’s body. While the Batsuit we see at the end does have a distinct Batman Beyond feel, the red emblem and streaks could suggest someone else is under the cowl.

Maybe Constantine?

This is pure speculation, but if we’re getting Gorilla Grodd, who has psychic powers, then considering the Pit plotline and the possibility of Zatanna returning to the roster, we might get a certain chain-smoking magician in the lineup.

Additional support? Why the hell would Superman need armor? The only thing he’s really weak against, aside from kryptonite and Aquaman’s trident, is magic. Constantine may be a plain ole’ human, but he’s walked through Hell unscathed and bested the rulers of hell. Odds are, he has a trick or two to put Supes in his place.

Those are my thoughts. Even if I’m dead wrong, I’m excited for the game. Drop a line below and tell me what you think!


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