Insightful #PokemonGo essay @PokemonGoNews

I stumbled across this interesting essay on the politics of Pokemon Go, and how having people physically playing out on the streets must, by necessity, have socially configured rules.

These are interesting questions–what exactly does it mean to defamiliarize the world around us with AR technology? The game hasn’t done anything new or even anything remarkable, yet it’s captivated people to the point where they’re falling off cliffs. I’ve even read of an entire office staff walking out of work to catch a nearby squirtle as if they weren’t all functional adults who’d been employed at that office for months.

I’m not sure if I’m excited or scared for the day that this technology is brought to a real AR interface, i.e. Google Glass, where you can see everything without looking down at your phone, but I’m sure we’re going to find out.

Please, though, PLEASE, people, watch where you’re going! If I read about one more kid struck by a car while knowingly crossing a dangerous freeway to catch something, or a Go player getting mugged/stabbed/attacked from being out in a seedy area way too late, I’ll weep for us as a species.

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