The Invasion of Fear @ShotgunBlog

Brett McBean, author of The Invasion, recently wrote a guest essay at Shotgun Logic, another great blog. As a horror writer, I make sure to follow a wide array of writing feeds, and was not disappointed.

He says, very astutely, that horror writers should write what they fear. That curious emotion–the one the genre depends on most, the one we’re evolutionarily programmed to need–is formed when we’re very young.

I’ll save the details for an essay, but McBean says he fears a home invasion more than anything else, hence why he wrote a book about one. Me? I grew up the opposite. I was always afraid I’d turn around one day and my home would’ve vanished without me.

What about you? What do you fear? Give it some thought, or share below if you’re feeling brave. It might be the most important question you ask yourself today.

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