Echoes currently awaiting Steam Greenlight @St_Chappers @GameTimeReviews

Hi everyone! I recently covered the Steam Greenlight campaign for Echoes. Here’s a teaser:

Thermo-Dynamic Games LTD, a recently-formed indie studio, is excited to announce its debut game is in production. Echoes is currently awaiting Steam Greenlight—or, at least, the first episode is.

So far, the game has two trailers and several screenshots, along with a description emphasizing the realistic visuals and a focus on mental health. The overarching narrative of this experience details “a patient’s journey through counseling and overcoming their mental issues,” with no spoilers as to just what issues the patient is facing. Gameplay will blend exploration elements with puzzles, utilizing two distinctly different visual styles to fully convey the complexity of the experience…

See more here!


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