@SquareEnix Releases @DeusEx inspired “Human by Design” Documentary

Anyone who loves sci-fi even 10% as much as I do eagerly awaits any and all information on cybernetics research. Today, we have a whole documentary on it, brought to Amazon Video by CNN, Square Enix, and Deus Ex lovers everywhere.

Deus Ex is a long-running franchise developed by Eidos-Montreal, set in a not-too-distant future, focusing on how cybernetic augmentations allow individuals to transcend human limitations. Mankind Divided in particular is set to focus on how non-augmented people can incorporate these individuals into society after the Augment Incident, where a signal causes the augmented to become violent and psychotic. The result is a brutal and unforgiving divide between those who reject such adaptations, and those who feel they are necessary or even the key to human evolution.”

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