@BlooberTeam Releases #LayersofFear DLC: Inheritance

I loved Layers of Fear, and Bloober Team has unleashed upon the world their follow-up DLC, Inheritance. While short, it’s an engaging, hard-hitting experience that is definitely worth the price. See more in my full review.

“Now, those who own the full game of Layers of Fear can purchase the DLC, Inheritance, where you step into the shoes of The Daughter (there’s a suggestion that her name is Regina, but without confirmation, she’ll be referred to by her title). The Daughter talks to herself as she goes, referencing what her father and mother, The Wife, went through, and how it affected her. Now, roughly twenty-something years later, she has returned to her family’s home, equipped with nothing but a flashlight and some very dark memories of the time she spent there, ready to find out what The Artist left her in his will. As both the DLC trailer for Layers of Fear: Inheritance, and a note within the game say, she has to find out what it is for herself.”


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