I’ve been away for a while, but I’m back to kick some butt at Wild Canyon the beginning of the semester being hectic, as always, but I saw this article at the Huffington Post and thinks it needs another share.

There’s an old joke that Love is a biochemical conjob. A bunch of hormones, pheromones, and other moans combine to make you emotionally and psychologically dependent on someone. When at its best, Love makes you ecstatic. When ending, it can literally kill you (see Takotsubo’s Cardio Myopathy).

Depression is the same way. It’s not something you can shake off, and while it may be abated by good company and a sense of humor, those high functioning depressives–the people who, despite their pain, get out of bed and get the job done every day of the week–often go overlooked. It’s why people are sent reeling when a comedian kills themselves. “How can someone who brought us such joy have been suffering so greatly?”

It doesn’t matter how the feeling comes about. Whether a person’s like Richard Jeni, who suffered from straight depression, or Robin Williams, who was depressed due to long-term, incurable medical circumstances, it needs to be addressed. Death by suicide is the end result of being unable to discuss and deal with that psychological pain. While perhaps legal euthanasia would reduce the instances of medically-instigated deaths, reducing the stigma and talking about these issues would be far greater.

So please, if you or someone you know is in need, use the resources below. Reach out, to anyone, no matter who is suffering or how much. You might save a life.

1-800-273-TALK (8255) (National Suicide Prevention Hotline)

http://www.sprc.org/ (Suicide Prevention Resource Center)



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