“Maul Santa” to appear in Shades of Santa from @ThingsInTheWell #Horror #Christmas #anthology #hohoho #hohohorror #charity

Hi folks,

I’m stoked to be announcing that I’ve signed on with Things in the Well to publish a flash fiction story, “Maul Santa,” in the upcoming Shades of Santa anthology. This is particularly big news for two reasons:

  1. All proceeds go to charity, so the more copies you buy, the more good gets done in this world. Feed your need for fear while racking up those karma points!
  2. In a far less significant but still fun sense, I’ve had my eye on this company for a while, and submitted two stories to them in the past, which were not accepted. I loved the stories I wrote for ’em though, and both went on to big things elsewhere, so it all worked out.

I’ll update ya when it’s out, which should be relatively soon, considering it wouldn’t make sense to release a holiday anthology in, say, June. In the meantime, be good and do good.


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