Free fiction to kick off my 2018 campaign @Patreon!

Hey folks!

To start my 2018 off “write,” I have two stories up on my Patreon account that are FREE to all readers!

If you like what you see there, please consider pledging. The first five pledges of 2018 get a free ebook, and one slot’s already taken, so hop along if you want that special offer!

1 dollar gets you the monthly story and an annual eBook of them all collected,

5 gets you an MP3 recording of me reading the work

10 earns you a “Sponsored by” listing on my website, a link to your page/site/profile, and being personally thanked in my videos

20 gets you signed print copies of the annual collection, AND any single-author book I put out while you’re pledged, not to mention an entire page of my website dedicated to you.

And 100? That’s a special tier. You get a special GOLDEN MYSTERY BOX! (Once a year)

So, here’s a teaser to today’s free story. Head on over to read the rest!


The front door slams open, then shut, and I hear heavy, rapid footfalls going up the stairs. Damn, I think, looking at the stove, turning the flame down low so that I don’t turn chicken cutlets into charcoal. With a twist of the sink’s knobs, hot water blasts over the carving knife, cleansing it as I follow my sister upstairs. After today, it’s never going to be clean again.

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