Cyborg Sunday, Update 1.14.2018: Positive energy, inspiring news, oxygen factories, and ducks via @GoodNewsNetwork, @TheBoldMom, @EAPodcasts

Open up your eyes:

The world is as small as you.

Why limit it with hate?

“Awakening” by Kevin Holton

It’s a little after six AM, and I’m already tired. Not in the “ugh can’t wake up way,” but damn, I’m sick of the way people are treating each other. There’s so much hate and negativity these days. If you, like me, are having trouble with this, here’s a few positive things to happen in the tech world recently:

–Ukraine is installing its first solar plant at Chernobyl! Isn’t that an amazing way to bounce back? Truly green energy–and not green from radiation–at a site no one can live anyway.

–Paralympian Kate Grey went viral for her delight at catching a ball with her new 3D-printed left arm, courtesy of Open Bionics, a really beautiful company. Look how happy she is!

–Israeli company Intuition Robotics announced the upcoming test runs of ElliQ, an Alexa/Google Home style robotic intelligence designed to combat loneliness and isolation in the elderly, who are living alone at increasing rates. Huge quality of life boost there!

–We can breathe a little easier now that Assistant Professor Fenando Uribe-Romo of the University of Central Florida has found a way to trigger photosynthesis in synthetic material. This method both reduces the CO2 in the atmosphere AND creates solar fuel! This is extra good, because the excessive CO2 has been causing plants to grow too quickly, resulting in nutrient loss. If we can get this going on a large scale, we’re talking OXYGEN FACTORIES, which I’m now stealing for a sci-fi story. This’ll help balance the scales again!

–And, in tiny news, here’s a duck that got a new leg from some caring young students. Look at it go!

There you go: a snapshot of the wonderful things happening in today’s world. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better.

As far as I’m concerned, I reviewed C. V. Hunt’s Ritualistic Human Sacrifice for The Bold Mom. The Amazon review isn’t up, but it hasn’t been rejected, either. Hm…

My Escape Pod fiction submission got rejected, but, I’d auditioned for Escape Artists recently, and they loved my reading! I’ll now be periodically contributing to them as a narrator, which is superfreakincool. You can also check them out on Patreon.

I wrote a story for Helios Quarterlysubbed that, and sent a bizarre little piece I love that hasn’t gotten picked up over to Liminal. I also signed short story number 86 into consideration: Turning Back the Clock, for Mad Scientist Journal.

In long-form news, I finished Crimson, Inc., so I’ll be revising it and sending it out this week, hopefully. I have another thing to revise and one extra story to write by EOD tomorrow, so we’ll see.

No fun cyborg news on my end… this week. I did play Asemblance, which I’ll likely post a review for soon, and watch Tank 432, which I won’t post a review for, because I don’t like delivering unduly harsh reviews. I don’t have much good to say about it.

I hope all’s well with you. Drop a line below if you’d like to say hi, or hit up my Patreon, if you want to be generous. Remember, the next four patrons get a free eBook!

Much peace and love to you all. Talk to you soon!

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