We All Burn Down Here by Kevin Holton

“I say, if you’re going to burn, be the flint, and not the tinder.”
Forgot I said this! Go check out the link for the rest of this little personal touch behind “The One Who Burns” from Transmundane Press’s “On Fire” anthology.

Transmundane Press

Enjoy an exclusive guest post from Kevin Holtonauthor of “The One Who Burns,” which is featured in our new anthology ON FIRE, out now.

A few years back, my cousin Tyler set his own neck on fire with a marshmallow. This both was and was not my fault. He didn’t hold it against me but was a little pissed that he had to get a doctor’s note to play gym. Since he was still in high school at the time, and the gauze the hospital put on the wound looked exactly like he’d gotten a tracheotomy, the teachers were afraid to let him do anything more athletic than using a dry erase marker.

My mother’s side of the family loves holding annual get togethers, since Mom is one of five siblings. They’re scattered among four states, though most reside on the east coast and one resides on the…

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