Cyborg Sunday, update 1.28.2018: Freestyle Libre, poetry, and Life is a Beautiful Thing

Monitor the blood:

When flesh tries to end your life,

Turn to computers.

–“Autoimmune,” by Kevin Holton

This week’s haiku is obviously about diabetes, but I’m starting with cyborg news, because I finally decided to try a continuous glucose monitor–for real. I’d used a silhouette model in the past, but hated it. The thing was bulky, uncomfortable, and snagged on everything.

The Freestyle Libre gets my full endorsement! This nifty little device lives up it its name, providing a detailed scan Final Fantasy-style. Aside from how small it is (about two stacked quarters, as the website claims), this gives me a readout of my current blood sugar, an arrow indicating if I’m going high or low, and a graph so I can see trends. Each lasts for ten days, though it takes twelve hours to start reading, and so far, it seems pretty accurate.

I already know for a fact that my glucose control is better than before, so any diabetics looking to improve their monitoring or just reduce finger tests ought to check this out. The best part? I didn’t even feel myself insert it!

I’ll update you next week on how the Libre works toward the end of a sensor’s life cycle, but I can’t imagine it’ll be a problem.

On to writing news…

I had three poems picked up for an Anti-Valentine’s Day anthology with Azoth Khem publishing. Another poem of mine went up on The Bold Mom, and another four are up with The Horror Zine. No fiction this week, but hey, eight poems? That’s a nice haul! I might have a collection ready soon… Maybe two, actually. Theme is important!

The REALLY big news this week is that the first audiobook of Harmon Cooper’s Life is a Beautiful Thing is up! Why’s this big news? It’s performed by yours truly. That’s right! I began acting in middle school, and fell out of it due to some personal stuff in high school, but have begun dabbling in the area again as of late.

Life is a Beautiful Thing follows Meme as he trips–metaphorically and literally, thanks to his addiction to designer drugs–through a satiric capitalist cyberpunk hellscape where corporations decide America’s fate. This book is chock full of psychotropic imagery, sex, drug use, and body switching, so buckle up! It’s a wild ride.

I’ll be narrating the next three, in addition to some works of my own soon. Stay tuned. Updates to come.

You know, I wrote that haiku up above about diabetes, but it actually applies to Cooper’s book, too…

Anyway, thank you for stopping by. Drop a line below if you’d like to say hi, or see me talk about something specific next week. Have a good one!



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