Cyborg Sunday, Update 2.4.2018: At the Hands of Madness approaching #1 Seller in its category!

Take your hands in mine

Let my ink stains will show you

Every world is ours.

–“It is Written,” by yours truly.


Holy balls, folks! I am VERY proud to say my release of At the Hands of MadnessBook One of the Longshot Trilogy, is doing phenomenally! In only the past twelve hours, it’s climbed from #4200 in its category to just under #2000!

I’m not sure how Amazon’s algorithms work, but that’s really damn cool.

So, for a limited time, I’m running a promotion! Anyone who buys a copy and shares their purchase on Twitter/Facebook, and tags me in the share (@TheHoltoning), will get a chance to win the next two books for free!

They’ll only come out if this one does well, so let’s keep it moving! The next two books get absolutely insane. Giant humanoid spiders, Hennessy “Heartbreaker” Jones gets a new call sign, Grover goes nuclear, and the gang is going to learn some harsh lessons about loyalty–but we gotta make sure book one sells well!

And, side note, I had “Glutton for Punishment” accepted into Fatal Fetish by J. Ellington Ashton press, as well as a bunch of interviews and promo articles I’ll be sharing as time goes on. Release just prior to Women in Horror Month as well as Black History Month isn’t ideal for a white male, but I don’t want to take away from either of these focuses, so I’ve told publishers to push some of my promo back.

So give this a share, because the fate of me, my books, and this little universe I’ve created rest in your hands!

Thank you for reading. You’re wonderful. Comment below to say hi!

You can click above to buy the book, or click here!

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