Cyborg Sunday, update 2.25.18: Chrysalis

There is more virtue

To sitting calm and patient

Than never stopping.

“Interlude” by yours truly


Diabetes news is all about the same–I’m not eligible for any of those studies mentioned last week, and otherwise, all’s been tight on that end.

I sold my video games though. That was pretty weird. I’ve been a gamer all my life, but without a job in the industry, I just don’t have the time to play. It’d be one thing if I were playing as research, or playing to celebrate my friends, but… I think it’s just time to move on. With all the writing I do, I don’t have much time to waste.

Writing-wise, I had a few drabbles picked up by The Horror Tree, so that’s fun. No other news yet, but I have a bunch out there.

My novella Crimson Inc. got rejected, but that’s alright. I’ll keep looking around. I’m still waiting on Absolute Zero, NOVA EXE, Amphibia Maxima, The Gospel of Decay, and Call of the Void, so I’m almost relieved to take something off my wait list! …Besides, I already have leads on another publisher. Fingers crossed!

At the Hands of Madness is doing well, having just scored its second 5-star review, and it now has a book trailer, too. Be sure to leave a review if you liked it!

I’ve got a book to send out, another to edit, and a third to write. I oughta go. Talk to you soon!


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