Book Review – At The Hands Of Madness by Kevin Holton

A huge thank you to David Gundersen for this great review of At the Hands of Madness

Gallifreyan Buccaneer

This is a blazing, fast paced cross between Transformers, Pacific Rim and classic Japanese Kaiju movies.

The camaraderie between the main characters has a Suicide Squad vibe.

We’re treated to pretty much none stop action from the start. The Medraka looms large over the plot before we finally get to meet it. It’s genuinely frightening and the mortality of the main characters is teetering on a razor’s edge throughout.

The terrible creatures birthed by Medraka, the Phranna are the real threat early on which feels like a base under siege story.

This is all in all a brilliant giant monster human survival story you don’t want to miss.

Check the book out now on Amazon now.

I’ve a feeling there is more to come…

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