Cyborg Sunday, update 4.1.2018: Happy Yeaster!

Puns are the highest

And lowest form of humor:

Both at the same time.

“Schrodinger’s Punchline” by Yours Truly

As you can see from this Instagram post, I have a strange, stupid, and pun sense of humor. My sister wasn’t too happy with it. Still, what did she expect from The Pun-isher? She chose to come back to The Punderdome instead of staying up her college for Yeaster. You can’t complain about my sense of humor if you decide to ride shotgun in my Punderbird.

I won’t keep you. It’s a double holiday! Go celebrate. Hug, laugh, prank, and perform some well-intentioned psychological warfare on the people you love. I’ll talk more about myself some other time.

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