I want to know why!?!

Go on. Read it. It’s uncomfortable, and painful, and necessary. I’m not the only diabetic out there waiting on a more affordable miracle.

Juvenile Journey

Yes, big pharma and insurance companies, I’m talking to you.

I’m talking to every single one of you who live in your big, greedy glass houses, paid for by the blood money of every diabetic you hold hostage with your insulin prices and all who have died a painful, excruciating death at your hands.

I want one representative, just one, to tell me why the price of insulin has increased 1200% over the last 30 years (you read that right, two zeroes folks)! I want to know, would you be charging these prices if you had one family member who did not have insurance or coverage for insulin?  I want to know why money is more important than a human life.  I want to know how you would honestly answer all these questions if someone who is taking their last breath due to a lack of insulin was asking them. …

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