About Me

I’m a cyborg and coffee lover living in coastal NJ. Or, I’m a type one diabetic who can’t eat wheat or dairy. The first sentence is way more fun.

Aside from all the writing, reading, and similar junk you can find here on my website, I’m known to narrate audiobooks, act, work out a bit, meditate, and do a bunch of other random stuff. I have a few Collector’s Editions of various games, though my gaming habits have fizzled in recent months.

Life goals include: cosplaying as Chaos God Joker; doing a backflip without dying; and to eventually live off my writing. Winning, say, a Bram Stoker, Shirley Jackson, or Nebula Award would be pretty nice too.

All my social media is @TheHoltoning. Give me a shout, or maybe send a dollar my way on Patreon, if you’re feeling generous.

Keep on keepin on, friends.

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