Machine Made: Rebirth Review @GameTimeReviews #RPG #CrossGenre

There really aren’t any games featuring angels living on a giant space ship, controlled by a machine that has achieved omniscience and ascended to godhood–until now. See my review on Machine Made: Rebirth for more!

“The game doesn’t bog you down by explaining too much, but there are computers to access that relay tutorials for those who need more information. This is a great move, allowing seasoned RPG players to bypass the typical opening level drudgery—beyond the battle training—without depriving new players of the tools they need.”

Memento (from LaboGameStudio) Review @GameTimeReview

Memento is a challenging, interesting, retro adventure the likes of which I can honestly say I’ve never seen before. Be sure to check out my review, but in the meanwhile, just think about this line from my review:

“Memento is a narrative-driven horror game that will surely challenge even the most seasoned players”

Dex PS4 Review @DreadlocksEN and #GhostTheory Bonus Offer! @GameTimeReviews

Dex came out a few years ago, but this cyberpunk 2D RPG is as electrifying as ever. Check it out here, but while I have you, have you seen the footage for their upcoming title, Ghost Theory? It’s a first-person exploration of real haunted sites from around the world. The footage below is pre-alpha, but already gorgeous:

If you like what you see, I happen to be one of their backers, and can provide you with a code for discounted bonus rewards, dropping the price from £20 to £15!

Want to become one of the game’s Angels? Head on over to the Contact page on my website, drop me a line, and I’ll set you up with a code. Either way, talk to you soon.

@bearwithme_Game episode one is delightful, if short @GameTimeReviews

Looking for a noir point-and-click mystery featuring a ten-year-old and a talking teddy bear? I wasn’t either, but I’m so glad I checked out this game. On one hand, it ends quickly. On the other, it’s got a lot of heart and a quirky, engaging sense of humor–as well as occasional nightmare trips into a vague, cosmic horror that no child should have to deal with. Check out my review of Bear With Meepisode one!

“Bear With Me is a thoughtful, well-crafted indie game that does a great job of combining a youthful protagonist’s point of view with the vicious nature of the noir and horror genres. The mechanics are simple, the puzzles challenging but not overly difficult, and the plot charming enough to keep most players interested in the coming episodes.”

@DaretobeDigital 2016 Contest Recap @GameTimeReviews

DARE 2016 may be over, but its legacies aren’t. This year’s competitors are going to be the leaders of the gaming industry someday, and the content they’re creating could be the next smash hit. Head on over to my article for more on these innovative young designers!

“After the festival, the students are invited for a week of workshops, talks, and additional lessons. Rather than focused on game design itself, these talks are focused on bringing games to market, turning small teams into functional studios, and establishing a business. It’s the epitome of a game design conference, showcasing not only what needs to go into a great game, but how it can succeed and be sold to the public.”


@DeusEx Mankind Divided to Feature @TobiiEyeX Tracking @GameTimeReviews

Want to know what’s more awesome than playing as a superpowered cyborg? Feeling like one. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set to feature eye tracking on its PC version, allowing players to aim and engage the game with their actual sight, not merely Adam Jensen’s head position. Check out my article for more!

“With the Deus Ex franchise being a window to the future, we always try to provide innovative, ground-breaking experiences for our players,” says André Vu, Executive Brand Director at Eidos Montréal. “The numerous Tobii eye tracking features built into the game will provide PC gamers an extra layer of immersion that blends perfectly with the futuristic universe depicted in Deus Ex.”

Ninja Pizza Girl review @DisparityGames

Hi everyone! Looking for a side-scrolling platformer with a strong anti-bullying message and tons of pizza? Check out my review of Ninja Pizza Girl, with a blurb below:

“The end of the game rewards players with a thank-you message from the designers, who inform you that they’re a family of five that made this game “in their kitchen,” much like how Gemma’s family revolves around a kitchen, and they’re grateful for you taking the time to play. Aside from the feel-good impact on the player for this semi-personalized gratitude, it’s heartwarming to see that the emphasis on family and togetherness wasn’t just a plot contrivance, but an element of the designer’s lives that they really believe in.”