@BlooberTeam Releases #LayersofFear DLC: Inheritance

I loved Layers of Fear, and Bloober Team has unleashed upon the world their follow-up DLC, Inheritance. While short, it’s an engaging, hard-hitting experience that is definitely worth the price. See more in my full review.

“Now, those who own the full game of Layers of Fear can purchase the DLC, Inheritance, where you step into the shoes of The Daughter (there’s a suggestion that her name is Regina, but without confirmation, she’ll be referred to by her title). The Daughter talks to herself as she goes, referencing what her father and mother, The Wife, went through, and how it affected her. Now, roughly twenty-something years later, she has returned to her family’s home, equipped with nothing but a flashlight and some very dark memories of the time she spent there, ready to find out what The Artist left her in his will. As both the DLC trailer for Layers of Fear: Inheritance, and a note within the game say, she has to find out what it is for herself.”

@SquareEnix Releases @DeusEx inspired “Human by Design” Documentary

Anyone who loves sci-fi even 10% as much as I do eagerly awaits any and all information on cybernetics research. Today, we have a whole documentary on it, brought to Amazon Video by CNN, Square Enix, and Deus Ex lovers everywhere.

Deus Ex is a long-running franchise developed by Eidos-Montreal, set in a not-too-distant future, focusing on how cybernetic augmentations allow individuals to transcend human limitations. Mankind Divided in particular is set to focus on how non-augmented people can incorporate these individuals into society after the Augment Incident, where a signal causes the augmented to become violent and psychotic. The result is a brutal and unforgiving divide between those who reject such adaptations, and those who feel they are necessary or even the key to human evolution.”

@SpaceRift_Game Review

Developer Vibrant Core has brought us one of the year’s first and most immersive VR experiences. Until the PSVR releases, Steam will continue to have a key stake in the virtual reality world, so here’s my review of Space Riftfor all you PC users out there.

“Outer space is widely considered to be the next and greatest unexplored frontier, so it’s no surprise that game designers and players alike love extraterrestrial, sci-fi environments. Space Rift, a virtual reality title by developer Vibrant Core, for computer users, is the latest in a long line of titles that look to capitalize on this curiosity, granting gamers the chance to soar through the cosmos, this time from a completely first person perspective.”

@EidosMontreal talks @DeusEx architecture, cities in 2029

Deus Ex is a great franchise full of complex world-building, and a huge part of any world is its cities. I’m excited to see what our real cities will look like ten to fifteen years from now, but in the meantime, here’s some info on Mankind Divided’s architecture–and, of course, a teaser:

Human Revolution, the prequel to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, showcased its detailed layout quite well. The two main settings were Detroit and Hengsha. Detroit was close to the way it’s always been, with narrow streets and many alleys, divided into a wealthier section featuring an arts center, augmentation clinic, and Sarif Industries, while the poorer area was gang-controlled. A constant police presence, as well as lumbering, automated assault robots, created an ever-present sense of a society on the verge of upheaval.

@SquareEnix Reveals @Gamescom Line-up: biggest yet!

Publisher Square Enix will be demonstrating 15 of its recent or soon-to-be releases, ranging from major AAA games like Tomb Raider and Hitman, as well as smaller titles for more stand-alone experiences. That doesn’t even include Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII! Check it out, people.

“The well-known and generally beloved Square Enix Ltd, publisher behind numerous internationally acclaimed franchises such as Just Cause 3, has announced its Gamescom 2016 line-up, which will feature 1,100 square meters of booth space, allowing more than 220 gamers to get a hands-on feel for the coming features.”