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Last Rites: #Free #Horror #Poem about #HHHolmes

Today’s free creative writing is a poem based on “America’s First Serial Killer,” H. H. Holmes, aka Herman Webster Mudgett. While based on a real person and real events, my “Holmes” poems are fictional, and only provide speculation to what he might’ve actually been like.

This is a poem about a serial killer, so, you know, trigger warnings for violence, child abuse, murder, religion, etc.


Last Rites

Father always said,
Love hurts,
God’s most of all.

Pastor agreed, quoting Job,
Whom I felt had it easy—
Sickened, crops killed, livestock
Scattered, never having to learn
Piety through the snap of parental
Belt across bare buttocks.

Red lines, large welts, blemished my skin,
Tears staining Sunday vest while Mother
Looked on. Cries and bruises failed to move her.
Quoting Pastor: All are granted what they deserve.

First came the boy, small and frail,
So much like myself. Easily overpowered,
He succumbed to me, his life forfeit,
Parents believing he perished on the trip home.

Barrier breached, the rest meant nothing—dozens of lives
Ended by these hands, none more significant than another.
Yet, trying to cleanse this soul, sitting in a confessional, I once told
Priest of widows wooed, tenants tortured, children chopped,
Adding, for good measure, the time I swore at a bank clerk for giving
Improper change, attempt to cheat me of not one, but three hard-earned dollars.

Rather than tell me to pray, he left his booth, walking softly away,
Slow prey prompting my hunt. Soon he lay slumped, face down,
Drowned in the baptismal font.

Gazing upon his form, I said again:
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

#Free tiny #poem about #coffee #amwriting

#Free tiny #poem about #coffee #amwriting

I can’t seem to reliably post about myself, so I’ll be posting some creative work here. Remember to check out my site’s other pages for the heavier, published stuff!


Burn me,

O tender black brimming at the rim,

Liquid darkness that enters as energy,

Leaving my fingertips as ink.

I am too tired to let you cool.

5 #Writing Tips on Being a Writer

Hi everyone,

I was browsing the internet and found this article. While good, I figures I could add a few more points to help out those looking to get out there and make their stories known. Here’s some info for you, especially if you’re interested in the publication process:

  1. Diversify. Don’t publish all your work with the same company! Having a few different groups on your bio shows you can cater to different styles and genres, which will make you a better writer. This will also make it easier to get published.
  2. Look up how long the process takes. Patience really is a virtue, and if you send a short story out, it may be months before you hear back. Novels take even longer. Assuming your story gets accepted, it could be months, even years, before it gets put in print. One of the best ways to assist your writing career is to understand that the gears grind slowly.
  3. Keep notes! I have a Microsoft Access database tracking every submission I send out, where I’ve sent it, and when I should hear back. If accepted, I move the entry to a different table within the database, tracking when I should expect publication–if it has a date–and how long until the rights transfer back to me, to avoid legal issues. If you start sending work to multiple companies, as with point 2, you’re going to want to stay organized.
  4. Look up what people hate about your favorite books. It’s easy to be blind to faults when we love something, and even if you experience the writer’s curse (near-crippling self-doubt), you might still find it’s hard to revise. Seeing the faults in other, already published books will help you with your own.
  5. Write every day. I want to emphasize you don’t have to write the same thing every day, just keep writing. I bounce between fiction, poetry, and non-fiction all the time. Sometimes I even count the essays I do for class, or items I have to write for work, to avoid strain from over-use. Should you have a blog, you can count that too (I do!).

I hope this helps you acclimate to the writing world. Whether you’re new to writing or have been around a while and looking to build yourself up, these tips should help you build the skills and traits you need to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive literary world.

Upcoming Reading in Long Branch, NJ!

Hi there, you lovely people,

I’ll be joining a bunch of other talented local poets to read from Howl of Sorrow. It’s a collection inspired by Hurricane Sandy and the impact it had on the Jersey Shore. If you’re around, or would like to come out, I’d love to see you there! I have two poems in this collection and will presumably be reading both.

Given the nature of this anthology, I’ll sign whatever you want for free–including other anthologies, should you pick up something else I’m featured in and bring it along. Check the tabs above to see what else I’ve been up to (but I have to update those pages, so they don’t include everything).

Talk to ya soon!

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