New story out in Dead of Winter from @MightyQuillBks #Horror

Hey everyone! My story, “These Claws Dig Shallow Graves,” was picked up for the now-available Dead of Winter anthology, from Mighty Quill Books. Infinite love for those of you who pick up a copy, and double-infinite for anyone who leaves a review to talk us up! Click the pic to see its Amazon page.


The Invasion of Fear @ShotgunBlog

Brett McBean, author of The Invasion, recently wrote a guest essay at Shotgun Logic, another great blog. As a horror writer, I make sure to follow a wide array of writing feeds, and was not disappointed.

He says, very astutely, that horror writers should write what they fear. That curious emotion–the one the genre depends on most, the one we’re evolutionarily programmed to need–is formed when we’re very young.

I’ll save the details for an essay, but McBean says he fears a home invasion more than anything else, hence why he wrote a book about one. Me? I grew up the opposite. I was always afraid I’d turn around one day and my home would’ve vanished without me.

What about you? What do you fear? Give it some thought, or share below if you’re feeling brave. It might be the most important question you ask yourself today.

I’m now a reviewer @gametimereviews

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve gotten a gig in game journalism, which combines my two favorite hobbies: the internet, and complaining.

Kidding, of course. As a writer and gamer, I couldn’t be happier that I’m joining this team. For those of you who don’t know, is most well known for adding a touch of the personal to their reviews. While publications like Game Informer focus on the objective things like playability and mechanics, GTR looks at replayability and, overall, if the game is actually fun. 

I’ve repeatedly bashed AAA games like L. A. Noire for being great on paper, but ultimately boring. I’m even a little ticked at Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst for having such a short main campaign (I beat the game and all side missions in probably 10-15 hours, which includes the times I got distracted collectible hunting).

I won’t be reposting my reviews here, but all their content is free, so I’ll be posting links and FYIs every time I’ve got something new up. Until then, have a good one.

#Injustice2 Theories: Lazarus Pit, R’as, Red Hood, and magic @noobde @InjusticeGame

Hi everyone,

So I’m BEYOND psyched for Injustice 2. The first game made great use of story mode, and I had a great time smashing my buddy’s face in as Sinestro.

After obsessively watching the sequel’s announce trailer, and shootin’ the shit with some dudes at GameStop, I have some theories about what the trailer was hinting at for the main game:

Enter the Pit

The narrator says very clearly, “Every time I enter the pit, I emerge reborn.” Sound familiar? This seems to point pretty clearly to The Lazarus Pit, which is known for healing wounds and even resurrecting the dead–except it steals away a piece of the user’s soul/sanity in the process, making the restored “more ferocious” (to use the narrator’s words). In Arrow, we even see one notable character brought back from the dead with no soul at all, causing her to be a bloodthirsty maniac until Constantine shows up to save her.

If you’re looking for further proof, consider that we see both The Flash and Batman die in the trailer, killed by Batman and Aquaman respectively, and you’ll see why we need a little divine intervention.

R’as al Ghul Joins the Fray

The Batman mythos has made one thing very clear: R’as al Ghul doesn’t like it when people use The Pit without his permission. The trailer also says, “Put the devil on the other side, and I will show up evolved, adapted, and prepared to fight.” R’as, aka “Head of the Demon,” is often referred to as a devil for his monstrous violence and near-immortality, from frequent Pit stops. The plot of Injustice 2 seems to say the main crew has really ticked off the League of Assassins.

Red Hood Steps Up

Or maybe not him specifically, but right after Aquaman pulls his trident out of Batman’s freshly impaled chest, he gets hit with a red batarang–the signature color of Jason Todd’s vigilante persona. Todd, for those of you who don’t know, was brought back from the dead and later had his health and memory restored in The Lazarus Pit by Talia al Ghul, R’as’s daughter.

The thing is, that batarang hits him while Aquaman is still looking down at Batman’s body. While the Batsuit we see at the end does have a distinct Batman Beyond feel, the red emblem and streaks could suggest someone else is under the cowl.

Maybe Constantine?

This is pure speculation, but if we’re getting Gorilla Grodd, who has psychic powers, then considering the Pit plotline and the possibility of Zatanna returning to the roster, we might get a certain chain-smoking magician in the lineup.

Additional support? Why the hell would Superman need armor? The only thing he’s really weak against, aside from kryptonite and Aquaman’s trident, is magic. Constantine may be a plain ole’ human, but he’s walked through Hell unscathed and bested the rulers of hell. Odds are, he has a trick or two to put Supes in his place.

Those are my thoughts. Even if I’m dead wrong, I’m excited for the game. Drop a line below and tell me what you think!

Weird crap I’ve said while playing #TheBindingofIsaac @edmundmcmillen

Hi everyone,

As you no doubt gathered from my last post, I’ve been playing lots of The Binding of Isaac lately. It’s a pretty weird game, but here are the weirdest things I’ve said or thought while playing (both alone and with friends).

Let’s take a ride.

  1. I’d prefer to start in the Burning Basement because I can make money off the fire.
  2. The Ocarina of Time has aptly prepared me to chuck a bomb in this tapeworm’s mouth.
  3. The power of flight has failed to protect me from tiny spiders.
  4. If I don’t cry on all this poop, I won’t have enough hearts to kill Mom.
  5. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m going to touch it. *Mortally wounded.* Oh. Note to self: That thing is “a bastard.”
  6. If you’re not using bombs to put out fire, you may not be doing it right. If you ARE using bombs, please direct me to the nearest bomb bag salesman, because I’m all out.
  7. I have more keys than God!
  8. The secret room was full of mushrooms, and the mushrooms were full of spiders. Again.
  9. The shopkeepers don’t mind if you blow them up. I mean, none of them complained afterward.
  10. Using a Devil Room is like gas station sushi. It might seem like a good idea, but if you’re not careful, you’ll regret it.
  11. Using a Devil Room is like choosing the holy grail. You’ll melt Nazi faces!
  12. Using a Devil Room is like insulting your mom during an argument. Sure, it might feel good, but you’re probably going to regret it.
  13. You can touch whatever you want, but don’t go crying about it if it hurts you.
  14. *Follow-up* Actually, since tears are your weapons, continue to cry.
  15. *As Samson* The best thing you can do for yourself is throw that boy on a spike pit.
  16. *As Samson* The redder you glow, the smoother your go!
  17. Remember kids: do all the drugs.
  18. I found a weaponized fetus in the basement. Good times.
  19. I haven’t been this excited for a quarter since the first World War!
  20. I haven’t been this excited for a quarter since S.H.I.E.L.D. dragged me out of the ice!
  21. I haven’t been this excited for a quarter since last week! …I’m really broke.
  22. Most games make you ask, “Why?” This one makes you ask, “What the fuck?”
  23. *As Eve* If you get attacked, your bird will eat people. It’s like Bioshock Infinite, except you’re more likely to accidentally kill yourself.
  24. *As Eve* Isn’t every night a terrible night to have a curse? I’m not less inconvenienced by the horns growing out of my head just because it’s Labor Day.
  25. *As ???, reincarnated via the Ankh* Am I cold, or just really dead?
  26. *As ???* Something stinks, and it’s probably me.
  27. *As plain old Isaac* I love how his first instinct upon finding any given object is to shove it through his head. KID. YOU’RE NOT A CLOSET, THERE SHOULD NOT BE HANGERS IN YOU.
  28. *Fighting Mom* Those calves are not meant for heels. Or going out in public.
  29. Satan can’t be killed by the Bible. Mom can, but not Satan. Why? Because he’s Satan, and you’re a child. He doesn’t have time for these games.
  30. I try to take pills whenever possible. Then I can show up to boss battles like LOOK HOW MANY SPIDERS ARE COMING OUT OF MY BODY.
  31. I’m not sure why that giant ball of crap is so yellow, but Conker’s Bad Fur Day prepared me for this. Now crank up the opera.
  32. This game has a great soundtrack, but it also syncs perfectly to Radio X from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  33. Pro-tip: Blow up the slot machines. Also, I’m not allowed in AC anymore.
  34. The Devil Beggars are pretty chill dudes. I mean, they’re like Red Cross, but I get floating babies and damage boosters instead of fifty bucks and a cookie.
  35. There’s a fifty percent chance this game is just another set-up from Cabin in the Woods.
  36. Ultra Greed compared to every other boss is like having your girlfriend beat you to death compared to a quick kiss on the cheek.
  37. *Singin’* “’Cause I’m a gamblin’ boogey-man, although I don’t play fair!” *Dies*
  38. *Reading Isaac’s last will* How did I carry all this stuff? And when did I even find half this crap?
  39. This is by far one of the sickest, darkest games I’ve ever played. It should be a movie. I mean, everyone involved would get sued for making it, but it would have such a cult following.

That’s all for now! Keep shining on, you crazy diamonds.