At the Hands of Madness

It’s here! At the Hands of Madness from Severed Press is now available. As my first traditionally published novel, I’m REALLY excited. Click the pic to go straight to Amazon!

“Holton’s careful wit and smooth writing style made this book one I couldn’t put down. The storyline kept me entertained, despite that it is not my go-to genre. I’ll be looking out for more from this author!” — 5 Star Amazon Review

For more on my inspiration, check my interview with Fiona Mcvie. The Bold Mom also has an interview with me up for your perusal. This one with Cedar Hollow Horror might give you a hint as to why spiders play a big part in the sequel.

“This book is well-written. The dialogue felt natural. The scenes jump off the page. I can still picture the monstrosities. They make my skin crawl. The ending is pretty good, too. If you like H.P. Lovecraft and apocalyptic horror, then this is the book for you.” —Curtis Freeman, Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

Mar Garcia over at The Bold Mom says, “The tension is constant throughout the book, and the author’s imagination tricks you and challenges your mind… His writing is spotless and his effort in perfecting every detail is obvious. And appreciated.” Check the full review here.

“This is a blazing, fast paced cross between Transformers, Pacific Rim and classic Japanese Kaiju movies. The camaraderie between the main characters has a Suicide Squad vibe… Medraka looms large over the plot before we finally get to meet it. It’s genuinely frightening and the mortality of the main characters is teetering on a razor’s edge throughout.” —David “The Gallifreyan Buccaneer” Gundersen

At the Hands of Madness has also been featured at Serious Reading, complete with a guest post and an interview!

I also a guest up at The Horror Tree. I love THT. Be sure to keep checking them out!

Let’s not forget these three articles at Horror Addicts!


When Medraka first appeared, humanity assumed it’d wipe them out in days. It did worse: it walked the Earth, uncaring, impervious to all attacks, and killing at random. A city disappears, a band of survivors kill each other, a family of four gets turned inside out. It’s easy to see where this psychic kaiju has been. The ravenous Phranna, the man-sized locust creatures that emerge from its flesh, swarm those it leaves alive, leaving few of the unprepared alive.

Hennessy never expected to survive confronting this nightmare, but found survival worse than death. Now, alongside a group of impulsive misfits that have banded together into a militia to protect Great Bend, he has to face it again. Between an explosives expert, a pyrokinetic lab accident, a mech-building mechanic, a veteran warrior, and a psybernetic superhuman, they might have enough power to keep it from destroying their city. Staying alive will be hard enough. The real question is, will they be able to keep their sanity?

“Holton provides a wild and gritty tour-de-force that pits humans, metahumans, and the combat robots they have built against a horror that combines the nightmares of H.P. Lovecraft, Ishiro Honda, and George Romero. All fans who think of the Apocalypse in terms of zombies only do so because they have yet to meet the Phranna… let alone the titanic terror that spawned them!” –Christofer Nigro, author of Megadrak: Beast of the Apocalypse and Dargolla: A Kaiju Nightmare.

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