Shadow Quest: An addictive mobile game, or microtransaction fodder? #GameReview @GameTimeReviews

These games never force you to spend money, but gosh, some sure make you want to! Check out my review of Shadow Quest, one of the latest mobile games to sweep the fantasy genre, so you too can buy your very own apocalyptically-powerful Unicorn warrior.

Streamline: an Unremarkable Game with High @Twitch Expectations #GameReviews

Social media has officially broken everything, as evidenced by Streamline, for the PC. This game’s gimick? Twitch audiences will be able to change the rules in real time, making life an even deeper vat of teeming, unrelenting chaos than it normally is.

The problem? You NEED a Twitch account to play, and if you don’t have an audience, this game is basically Overwatch without the unique characters, POTG recap, or point system–so, it’s basically tag.

See more of my review here, where, in fairness, I gave it a decent rating, because with large audiences, this could be a lot of fun. Until it’s out of early access, no one can know for sure.

New #fiction! “The Tie Breaker” in Dread State from @ThunderDomeMag

Hey again,

A good week, I’d say! This announcement’s a little overdue, but in either case, I’ve got another story coming out. This one’s in Dread State, a political horror anthology.

My story has very heavy handed satire, focusing on a killer female robot and a violent convicted gang leader locked in a death match, with the winner taking the US presidency. Look at it this way: if I insulted your candidate, at least I insulted them both.

I hope you’ll read it, and generally, I hope you keep reading. Be good and do good, folks. Talk to you soon!

Syndrome is a New Game with No New Tricks #GameReview @GameTimeReviews

I love horror, so I’m very critical of games that label themselves scary. After all, how do you show you love something if you’re not trying to destroy it?

This is why Syndrome failed to impress me. Though I didn’t give it a ‘bad’ score, there certainly wasn’t enough going on to earn a good one. Oversensitive monsters, pitch black environments, and the now-tired Amnesia formula of “hide for your life” just can’t quite cut it.

See the rest of my review here.

#PSVR Launch Shoots for the Moon @PlayStation @GameTimeReviews

Well, here we stand, at the intersection between past and future. The PlayStation VR is now available, with launch titles that will blow you away, and a set-up designed to eliminate the trade-marked motion sickness of other VR consoles.

Wondering what we’ve got in store? I’ve written an article covering just that. Either way, this marks a whole new type of gaming, so be sure to keep an eye on upcoming video game news.