Free Fiction! “Inculpate” a wrathful drabble

Mondays seem to make everyone angry, so here’s a drabble for the day of wrath, and a chance to learn a new word:


Verb: To incriminate or blame somebody for something.


I stole his shovel first. He used it every day, turning soil for this spring’s garden beds. I made sure to wear gloves. His prints only.

One quick whack to my wife’s skull is all it took. Thud. The sound of her hitting the floor, and dirt hitting her body. Maybe I buried her alive. Maybe not. Who knows? Who cares.

Police came last night after an “anonymous” tip. One phone call. Now he and my wife are both gone. Like they say: two birds.

This year, my garden will be the best. Shame I couldn’t use them as fertilizer.


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