4/5 Stars for “Horror Haiku: Pas de Deux” by A. F. Stewart

Sometimes, I post lengthy reviews. Others, short and sweet. For a collection of mostly Haiku poetry, you can guess which I went with.

“Tons of good poems in here! As with any collection, they aren’t all winners, and some rely too heavily on genre tropes to convey their scares, but there are many sections overviewing different horror staples. Vampires, zombies, you name it, they’re in here, along with a non-haiku section at the end.

While there are other collections out there more suited to seasoned horror readers, this a great book for those looking to get into dark poetry.”

Check the collection out here.


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Free Flash Fiction, or Horrifying Horoscope? #writing #bizarro

As a horror writer who has a teasing, tangential relationship to the zodiac signs, I can’t help but be titillated (one of my favorite words, FYI) by any horoscope parody/perversion.

Today, I stumbled across “Flash Fiction Friday: Transmundane Prognostications Discerned From Astrological Phenomena” by Tom Lucas, Metaphysical Dilettante. What that title means is for you to decide.

My sign? “The Abyssal One” (or, The Unknown One), a being doling out ‘justice’ (punishment) to all manner of humans. Not that I’m the violent sort. In fact, I’m a bit of a pacifist.

Although, I do have a pretty strict moral guideline, on certain issues… Maybe Lucas is on to something. Just a little.