Free Fiction! “Hedonist”

Happy Thursday! As any college student knows, Thirsty Thursdays are a day to live it up and leave regretting your life choices for tomorrow, so today’s Gluttony Day word is…

Hedonist: a person who dedicates his or her life completely to the pursuit of pleasure.


Mac held up a brownie, winked at Tammy, and took a bite. She still refused to try edibles, despite her overbearing sweet tooth. It’s why everyone called her Tape Worm Tammy—no matter what she ate, she stayed bone thin.

This thought began to bother him. It bothered him as much as the sudden high. Pot doesn’t come on this strong.

Tammy wriggled, crawling out of her skin, a mass of worms disguised in a sexy flesh suit. They chortled, their infinite squirming selves having added a few special ingredients to his brownie recipe, preparing their meal for the feast.


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Free fiction! “Not a Drop to Drink,” an apocalyptic drabble

Not a Drop to Drink

Weatherman said it’d be muggy out. Talk about understatement. Humidity hit 100% by 8 AM and kept rising, breaking all records and instruments. Saturation weighed down the phone lines, cutting off communication. Cars couldn’t get traction to move; those already on the road slid right off.

Didn’t take long for people to drown. Every breath came with more water than usable oxygen, and by that evening, those who died outside bloated, as if found face down in a river.

Cameron huddled inside his house. He’d known this would happen. Six dehumidifiers barely kept him dry.

Then the power went out.


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Free fiction! Planned Obsolescence, a short neo-noir, sci-fi story

Hey everyone!

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New Book Review up @TheBoldMom: Ritualistic Human Sacrifice by C. V. Hunt

Hi everyone,

I recently finished Ritualistic Human Sacrifice by C. V. Hunt, published by Grindhouse Press, and have written a short review of the book at here at The Bold Mom. Don’t worry, it’s a work of fiction, not an instruction manual.

Also, yes, that’s a coat hanger pentagram surrounded by fetuses. Give the review a look! I promise I’m just as interesting as this cover.


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New #fiction! “The Tie Breaker” in Dread State from @ThunderDomeMag

Hey again,

A good week, I’d say! This announcement’s a little overdue, but in either case, I’ve got another story coming out. This one’s in Dread State, a political horror anthology.

My story has very heavy handed satire, focusing on a killer female robot and a violent convicted gang leader locked in a death match, with the winner taking the US presidency. Look at it this way: if I insulted your candidate, at least I insulted them both.

I hope you’ll read it, and generally, I hope you keep reading. Be good and do good, folks. Talk to you soon!