Page up for “These Walls Don’t Talk, They Scream”

I’m really excited about this one, folks. Won’t say too much yet, though–only that it’s coming May 25th, and it’s already hearing whispers of becoming a movie…

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New #fiction! “The Tie Breaker” in Dread State from @ThunderDomeMag

Hey again,

A good week, I’d say! This announcement’s a little overdue, but in either case, I’ve got another story coming out. This one’s in Dread State, a political horror anthology.

My story has very heavy handed satire, focusing on a killer female robot and a violent convicted gang leader locked in a death match, with the winner taking the US presidency. Look at it this way: if I insulted your candidate, at least I insulted them both.

I hope you’ll read it, and generally, I hope you keep reading. Be good and do good, folks. Talk to you soon!